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Hot stone massage therapy is a great way to reduce tension and stress while increasing circulation and metabolism. It involves warming hot marble stones in water and then placing them strategically on different points on the body. The heat that a hot stone massage provides allows the massage therapist to reach deeper levels of the muscles. When combined with a relaxation massage, a hot stone massage can work wonders on stress and pain.
It eases muscle stiffness and tension; Increases circulation and warms deeper muscles; Decreases stress and anxiety; Good for chronic pain, rheumatic/arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia

Swedish body massage is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long, gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. This treatment offers greater relaxation and is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level oxygen in the blood and body, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility, and easing tension in your muscles and joints.

Regular massages can prevent the formation of fibrosis in the muscle tissue, can promote muscle function, muscle to maintain the highest efficiency. Appropriate massage can relieve acid tense, taut muscles.Type your paragraph here.

Foot Reflexology is a totally holistic technique that treats the entire body by manual pressure on the feet or hands. Circulation is improved, nerve impulses are unblocked, and stress is relieved.
Many serious and common illnesses are directly linked to stress and relieving it allows the body to heal itself naturally. Reflexology also promotes integration of the body's systems and of the body with the mind and emotions.
Reflexology will not make any condition worse and its only side effect is that at the end of the session your feet will feel great!

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